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Jacob Laursen

Meet Jacob Laursen, former professional football player with a remarkable international career at club levelling Denmark (FC Copenhagen and Silkeborg IF), Austria(Rapid Vienna) and the UK, where Jacob played for Derby County and Leicester City in the Premier League.

With a vast experience in football, having represented his country at The Olympics 92, Intercontinental Cup 95, Euros 96 and World cup 98, Jacob offer an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of being a football player. Whether it’s analysing how you play in games, best develop as a football player, mental toughness or planning your career, Jacob is your guy to go to.

Jacob Laursen

Jacob’s training academy is more than just training; it is how to become best version of yourself as a football player and person for young people aged 8 and above. Jacob will guide and help each player individually to maximise their potential as a football player.

It is at JL Academy you learn how to grow your football talent and manage all aspects of football – all under the careful guidance of Jacob Laursen.

Jacob Laursen

Whether your child dreams of becoming the next big football star or simply wants to improve his game, Jacob football academy is the perfect place to start. Through Jacob’s experiences as a professional footballer, football advisor as well as his exceptional skills to work with talent development, Jacob is more the happy to pass on all of his knowledge and advise to those who become a part of JL Academy

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